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What will happen on Isibaya in April 2018 (soapie teasers)

Here’s what’s coming up or will happen on Isibaya for the rest of April 2018:

Monday 02 April
Episode 1264

Mandla is overwhelmed by his new role. Qondi and Duma make Ma’Cele an irresistible offer. Iris worries about Manqoba with Pam.

Tuesday 03 April
Episode 1265

Mandla learns the truth about Pleasure. Ngwebedla discovers Ma’Cele’s betrayal. Qondi struggles with her conscience at playing politics. Iris is shocked to be invited to stay at Kwa’Manzini.

Wednesday 04 April
Episode 1266

Samson makes a decision regarding Pleasure. Ngwebedla tries to win over Ma’Cele but she gives him an ultimatum. Iris watches Mpiyakhe and her son bond.

Thursday 05 April
Episode 1267

MaKhanyi does not trust Pleasure and decides to do her own spying. Samson gives Iris a piece of his mind. Gloria starts to suspect Ngwebedla. Judas wants Beauty to make the deal.

Friday 06 April
Episode 1268

Gloria discovers Ngwebedla’s betrayal. A Ndlovu family dinner has S’bu and Thandeka amused and Khanyi annoyed. Beauty has a huge price to pay for her husband’s freedom.

Monday 09 April
Episode 1269

Beauty deals with aftermath of her terrible ordeal. Qaphela is enraged at being trapped. Mkabayi is enraged to discover Judas’s deal. Mpiyakhe gets a surprise visit from Mkhize.

Tuesday 10 April
Episode 1270

Pleasure discovers Khanyi’s suspicions and she flips. Ngwebedla pays Mbodla to find Gloria. Qondi agrees to Iris’s request while Mkabayi has a plan brewing for Judas.

Wednesday 11 April
Episode 1271

Bongani finds himself in hot water with the Ndlovus for his involvement in Khanyi’s scheming. Ngwebedla assures Ma’Cele that he’s kept his side of the bargain. Qondi and Duma are shocked when they are blindsided and things don’t go according to plan.

Thursday 12 April
Episode 1272

Khanyi eats humble pie with regards to her suspicions about Pleasure. Samson is not happy with Khanyi’s meddling. Qondi and Duma realise that they have been played by Ngwebedla. Mkabayi makes a bold move at court.

Friday 13 April
Episode 1273

Judas and Mkabayi face off. The Ndlovus unite in a celebration to welcome a new member of their family. Ngwebedla is humiliated and Gloria’s theft looms over him. S’bu is battling with Thandeka’s cravings. Meanwhile, Qaphela has to face his father.

Monday 16 April
Episode 1274

Mkabayi struggles with her anger at her brother. Jabu impresses his father. Lt. Mkhize shares her exciting news with Mpiyakhe.

Tuesday 17 April
Episode 1275

Phumelele battles with Mkabayi’s anger. Mpiyakhe is faced with the depth of Shadrack’s crisis and has to rescue his old friend. Melusi is embarrassed when he discovers that the drivers are talking about him.

Wednesday 18 April
Episode 1276

Phumelele and Fezile struggle to navigate through Mkabayi and Mpiyakhe’s feud. Shadrack finds returning to his old life harder than expected. Melusi is set on getting back at S’Khaleni for mocking him.

Thursday 19 April
Episode 1277

Thandeka wants to fix things between her father and aunt. Mpiyakhe makes Lt. Mkhize an interesting offer, while Shadrack is confronted by the harsh reality of the man he’s becoming.

Friday 20 April
Episode 1278

Mkabayi and Mpiyakhe’s feud gets out of control. Shadrack is welcomed by Phumelele. Bhekumuzi and Mdu find themselves on the wrong side of Mkabayi and Mpiyakhe’s feud.

Monday 23 April
Episode 1279

Mpiyakhe grows frustrated with Mkabayi and overturns her decision. The Zungus have an informal intervention with Shadrack. Ntandane confronts Kaone with the truth.

Tuesday 24 April
Episode 1280

Mkabayi feels undermined by Mpiyakhe. Shadrack finds comfort in an unusual place. Kaone innocently seeks help from Ntandane, but he takes it the wrong way.

Wednesday 25 April
Episode 1281

Shadrack takes out his pain on Phumelele and Mpiyakhe is forced to take action. Thandeka surprises S’bu, who feels out of his depth. Kaone confronts Melusi about spreading rumours about their night out.

Thursday 26 April
Episode 1282

Kaone confesses the truth to Jabu. S’bu is struggling with Thandeka’s appetite. Shadrack makes a fool of himself in his drunk state.

Friday 27 April
Episode 1283

Phumelele puts her foot down and forces Mkabayi and Mpiyakhe to deal with their issues. Shadrack is overcome with shame. S’bu and Thandeka get a surprise visitor.

Monday 30 April
Episode 1284

Mkabayi makes things right with Bhekumuzi and Mdu while Fezile tries to fix his relationship with Mpiyakhe. Meanwhile, Thandeka’s due date is getting closer.

Isibaya is on Mzansi Magic Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.