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What will happen on Generations in August 2018 (soapie teasers)

Here’s what’s coming up or will happen on Generations: The Legacy for the rest of August 2018:

Wednesday 1 August 2018
Episode 178 (0958)
Smanga’s family obligations are getting in the way of his passion. Lucy lays down the law for Mei. Wandile makes a new friend.Thursday 2 August 2018
Episode 179 (0959)

Mazwi announces that his feelings for his wife are dead. The community is abuzz about Cosmo’s new wife. Okuhle reveals her plans for her future.

Friday 3 August 2018
Episode 180 (0960)

Mrekza desperately tries to convince himself he’s moved on. Tshidi’s revenge plan is coming together nicely. Sphe isn’t happy to hear her better half is moving on.

Monday 6 August 2018
Episode 181 (0961)

Lucy is caught off guard when an orphan reaches out to her. The Wedding might be fake but the groom’s feelings are very real. The Morokas aren’t happy about Tau’s news at all.

Tuesday 7 August 2018
Episode 182 (0962)

Smanga sets his sights on the Moroka throne. Gog’Flo is worried about Cosmo but he insists he has a plan. Wandile is there for Mazwi in his hour of need.

Wednesday 8 August 2018
Episode 183 (0963)

Mei is hurt when her husband snubs her. Okuhle manipulates Sphe to get closer to her. Mrekza overhears something which sets his mind racing.

Thursday 9 August 2018
Episode 184 (0964)

Lucy receives bad news and refuses to accept it. The rightful Moroka heir is ready to go to war for what’s his. Tau has no idea that things are about to get hairy for him.

Friday 10 August 2018
Episode 185 (0965)

Cosmo gets an idea to surprise his homesick wife. Tshidi wants to delay the report to make the investigation seem legit. Kabisi wants Smanga out of the house.

Monday 13 August 2018
Episode 186 (0966)

Sphe orders Okuhle to come back home. Mrekza is suspicious about seeing Tboz at the shebeen. What does Jack have up his sleeve this time?

Tuesday 14 August 2018
Episode 187 (0967)

Tau is shocked to hear what Ezweni’s investigation revealed. Mazwi resigns as CEO for the second time. Not everyone has a great time during the Diales’ double date.

Wednesday 15 August 2018
Episode 188 (0968)

Lesedi unwittingly guilt trips a family member. Smanga follows the wrong advice, unaware he’s being played. Gog’Flo confides in Mei about her concerns.

Thursday 16 August 2018
Episode 189 (0969)

Cosmo’s heart is dealt a devastating blow. Linda finally gives Mrekza her answer. The Captain gets a frantic call from across the border.

Friday 17 August 2018
Episode 190 (0970)

Okuhle throws a party to celebrate her new life. Lucy is floored to hear her man’s latest baby-making plan. Jack is determined to take back his power.

Monday 20 August 2018
Episode 191 (0971)

Gog’Flo tries to intervene when a fight in the Diale house gets out of hand. Zitha is stunned when she realises who her visitor is. Tau warns that Tshidi is not to be trusted.

Tuesday 21 August 2018
Episode 192 (0972)

Cosmo is ready to bare his soul to Mei. Wandile and Mazwi are growing closer every day. Lefty tells Mrekza it’s time to get his head straight.

Wednesday 22 August 2018
Episode 193 (0973)

Okuhle and her new friends get into big trouble. Tboz is distressed to hear about the heartache he caused. Will the Moroka heir go ahead and make a deal with the devil?

Thursday 23 August 2018
Episode 194 (0974)

Gadaffi worries about what Zitha’s confession will reveal. Kabisi reports back from the elders’ meeting in Rustenburg. Lucy’s never seen her brother so angry and isn’t sure how to handle it.

Friday 24 August 2018
Episode 195 (0975)

Mazwi decides to take the high road for a change. Wandile realises there’s something missing from her life. Tau is on a mission and is not about to give up.

Monday 27 August 2018
Episode 196 (0976)

Lesedi is hopeful when Mr Carlson pays her family a visit. Okuhle is not happy to have her new-found freedom taken away. Jack reveals that he didn’t kill Thabi.

Tuesday 28 August 2018
Episode 197 (0977)

Kabisi is shocked about the manipulation and scheming that’s been going on behind his back. Zitha promises to be supportive despite her many misgivings. Getting rid of Dmitry is turning out to be a greater challenge than expected.

Wednesday 29 August 2018
Episode 198 (0978)

Sphe refuses to be intimidated by the Cele elders. The alliance confronts Mazwi about whose side he is on. Wandile gets dating advice from an unexpected source.

Thursday 30 August 2018
Episode 199 (0979)

Mr Carlson walks in while the children are rolling a joint. Tau desperately tries to get hold of some very important leverage. Lucy is disgusted by her man’s latest business idea.

Friday 31 August 2018
Episode 200 (0980)

The date is going great yet something isn’t quite right. Lesedi wakes up and immediately realises all is not well. Cosmo’s stunned when he’s witness to an unexpected strip-tease.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.