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What will happen on Binnelanders in July 2018 (soapie teasers)

Here’s what’s coming up or will happen on Binnelanders for the rest of July 2018:

Monday 2 July 2018
Episode 016/3032

A rhino horn, a white lie, and retail therapy could cause major problems. Pippa’s disdain of Thomas has consequences for Celeste, while Boeta discusses his relationship with Naomi with Louis. Annelize asks Tertius to talk to Monique about her interference, while Trudie is worried about Renate.

Tuesday 3 July 2018
Episode 017/3033

Boeta establishes a connection between his loot, At, Louis, and Piet, while an impulsive kiss has far reaching consequences. Renate makes a decision about her future, and the bad news that Celeste receives causes her to ask Pippa for a favour. At is livid with Piet, while Liebenberg’s pent-up aggression leads to an eruption.

Wednesday 4 July 2018
Episode 018/3034

Boeta tries to warn Naomi about Louis, and Liebenberg forces Celeste to make a decision between him and Thomas. Renate is paranoid about a secret, while Boeta is scared to involve the police. Monique puts Lika at ease about a relationship, and Herman shares his discovery with At. Someone is watching Boeta and Renate, while Monique is building up the courage to share her news.

Thursday 5 July 2018
Episode 019/3035

Lika shares details of a situation with Monique, which influences her decision to talk to Annelize. Okkie asks Liebenberg for assistance with the horn, and Pippa and Liebenberg discuss their fears openly. Louis is uncomfortable in Naomi’s presence, while peace is brokered in a household – although one of the participants isn’t in a good place. Boeta realises Renate is missing.

Friday 6 July 2018
Episode 020/3036

Lika tackles the elephant in the room, and Renate’s disappearance leads to more unanswered questions. Liebenberg is secretive about At and Okkie’s ongoing drama, while Celeste reaches breaking point. Trudie is kept in the dark about her mother, while At is livid with Louis about his line of questioning. Monique is angered by At’s behaviour towards Annelize, and the short list for the oncology position is tampered with.

Monday 9 July 2018
Episode 021/3037

Monique receives a job offer, while a vehicle doesn’t solve a riddle. Pippa fears that Liebenberg is going to place himself in the cross hairs, and a vet strengthens suspicion of At. Naomi and Boeta discuss the absence of their mother in their lives, while Naomi and Louis have a huge fight. Boeta receives orders – and a warning!

Tuesday 10 July 2018
Episode 022/3038

Annelize is confronted about the short list, while Pippa realises Liebenberg is involved in a secretive drama. Okkie and Ilse discuss their next move, and Monique shares her disappointment with Conrad. Okkie and At make a mean team, while Annelize is put in her place. While shots are fired, a knight appears.

Wednesday 11 July 2018
Episode 023/3039

The tongues are wagging about a resignation, and Steve struggles with his current situation. Conrad struggles to believe Annelize’s pleas, while Boeta wants to punch Okkie. Liebenberg realises he will have to work hard to gain Pippa’s trust again, and Lika tries to talk sense into Monique. While Boeta is touched by Louis’ confession, Naomi sees him in a different light.

Thursday 12 July 2018
Episode 024/3040

Lika shares a secret with Tertius, while Okkie gives Boeta a new lead. Liebenberg receives advice from an unexpected source, and Renate questions Okkie’s motives. Liebenberg is ready to resign, while Annelize gets a chance to speak to Monique. At makes sure an important link in a secret disappears.
Friday 13 July 2018
Episode 025/3041

Naomi feels insulted by Okkie’s decision, and Steve thinks he can still save his marriage. Annelize gets a note from Monique, while Tertius explains why he doesn’t believe in secrets. At piques Elana’s interest when he mentions a field hospital in the Congo. Quinton doesn’t understand the problem with Tertius and his new girlfriend, while Annelize is demanding answers. Lexi asks Steve not to go to court.

Monday 16 July 2018
Episode 026/3042

Lika is angry with Tertius’s decision, and Elana’s news surprises Conrad. Family is an obsession for a doctor, while Lexi makes a confession towards Pippa. Annelize asks Tertius for a very big favour, while Okkie has a plan to give himself peace of mind. Pippa asks Conrad for advice on Steve, and Esmé’s answer is not satisfying.

Tuesday 17 July 2018
Episode 027/3043

Steve feels everyone is overreacting, while Lexi receives regular calls from a strange number. Elana is unhappy with Steve’s decision, and Tertius admits that he might have made a mistake with Annelize. Naomi tears into Louis, while Tertius wants to make peace with Lika. Pippa asks Karli to keep an eye on the new nurse.

Wednesday 18 July 2018
Episode 028/3044

Tertius makes a decision about Lika, and the dangers of the Congo makes Lexi regret what she said. Steve and Elana find themselves in the middle of chaos, while Tertius receives a message about Nina. Liebenberg shares his investigation about the pharmacy with Pippa, and Chanel is looking for Steve – but meets Ruben instead. Quinton is witness to a breakdown, while the danger in the Congo is bigger than two doctors initially expected.

Thursday 19 July 2018
Episode 029/3045

Louis stand his ground with Naomi, and Lika tries to find out more about Daleen. Tension is rife over Jax, and Ruben’s message for Tertius makes Quinton suspicious. Karli is unsure about what to do with Chanel, while Steve offers to go look for Jax. Liebenberg suspects something is amiss with the old medicine’s certificates, and rebels charge the Congo hospital. Quinton makes contact with Sarah, while Elana is full of bravado when the rebel leader is looking for Jax.

Friday 20 July 2018
Episode 030/3046

Elana senses a connection between Jax and Odyn, while Annelize’s trauma leads to Quinton keeping Tertius in the dark. Conrad doesn’t pay Liebenberg’s theory any attention, and Louis takes Chanel under his wing. Karli realises that Quinton is hiding something, while Jax suspects that Steve’s life is in danger. Quinton is sure that he made the right decision. While shots are fired, Jax forbids Elana to search for Steve.

Monday 23 July 2018
Episode 031/3047

Naomi is livid about the manner in which Louis makes his decisions, and Jax stops Elana from contacting Binneland Clinic. Ruben comforts Lexi when she accidently hears about her father, while At is shocked in Annelize’s ability to impress. Jax will have to jump into action immediately to save a life, and Conrad believes that Ivan will be able to keep Annelize in check.

Tuesday 24 July 2018
Episode 032/3048

Tertius realises what is going on, and Pippa takes care of Lexi in this difficult time. Chanel doesn’t understand why Noami doesn’t like her, while Sarah causes a big problem between Tertius and Quinton. Elana realises exactly in what kind of life threatening situation they are  in.

Wednesday 25 July 2018
Episode 033/3049

Tertius’s obsessive behaviour makes Lika uncomfortable, while a cabinet causes friction between Jax and Elana. Mutual insults are not going to broker the peace, and Charles seems to be the right person to ask for more information about Jax. Chanel struggles to control her emotions, while Karli is worried about Quinton’s living arrangement.

Thursday 26 July 2018
Episode 034/3050

Karli feels At could have more empathy with Quinton, while Liebenberg and Conrad realise that someone in ER could be involved with the false certificates. Elana makes a discovery in the locked cabinet, and Chanel isn’t handling death too well.  A punch is someone’s way of coping in ER, while Tertius is surprised by a doctor’s behaviour. Elana and Charles build on their friendship, and Liebenberg’s investigation is upsetting a prominent person.

Friday 27 July 2018
Episode 035/3051

Conrad is testing Tertius – and then Elana makes him come to a shocking realisation. Celeste and Pippa discuss Liebenberg’s future, while Quinton and Karli are awkward in each other’s company. Chanel and Trudie plan something for Naomi and Louis, and Jax ropes Ruben into her plans. A familiar person is held hostage by the rebels.

Monday 30 July 2018
Episode 036/3052

Liebenberg’s theory causes tension between him and Pippa, while someone else picks up the vibes between Jax and Odyn. Floyd calls Trudie, and Liebenberg’s confession towards Celeste is met with a surprising rebuke. Ruben gets panicky when Conrad starts asking questions, while Chanel might have somewhere to live. Liebenberg catches Pippa completely off guard with a surprise.

Tuesday 31 July 2018
Episode 037/3053

Conrad is forced to share information with Elana, and Floyd arrives at ER. Ruben takes his frustrations out on Lexi, while Liebenberg and Pippa are both still shocked at what happened. Charles is getting restless about Jax’s behaviour, and Annelize gets suspicious about Ruben. Quinton has mixed feelings about Alan, while Charles decides to confront Jax.

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