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SA National Lottery: How to play Powerball & Powerball Plus (step-by-step guide)

Do you want to win a South African Powerball / Powerball Plus jackpot? The only way to win the Powerball jackpot is by playing the game and here are 6 easy step-by-step to play Powerball / Powerball Plus.

Before you begin with changing playing the Powerball / Powerball Plus, make sure you remember the below:

  • You can play as many boards as you want.
  • You can choose a Multi-Draw option which allows you to play the same numbers over multiple draws
  • A single PowerBall play will cost you R5.00 vat incl.
  • Ticket sales close 30 minutes before the Draw.

Step-by-step instructions for playing Powerball / Powerball Plus

You can play the PowerBall/PowerBall Plus game by choosing a Quick Pick option where the Lottery processing system randomly chooses 6 lucky numbers for you
You can manually choose your lucky numbers by following these easy steps.
Step 1: Find a valid PowerBall Betslip.

Step 2: Using a pen / pencil, choose 5 numbers from 1 to 45 on and 1 extra number from 1 to 20

Step 3: Take your Betslip to a teller at an approved Lottery retailer to make your payment.

Step 4: You will receive a receipt from the teller with all your chosen numbers.

Step 5: Make sure you write your name on the back of the receipt.

Step 6: Look out for the next live PowerBall Draw on Etv, Tues/ Fri at 21h00 to see if you have won.