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How to submit your Discovery Medical claim

Do you want to submit your Discovery Health Medical Scheme claim?

Here’s are 3 easy step-by-step how to submit your Discovery Medical claim:

Step 1: Upload your claim

Step 2: Email your claims

Step 3: Discovery app

  • Use your smartphone camera. Download the Discovery app from the App Store or Google Play, log in and take a photo of the claim.
  • If the claim has a QR code, simply scan the QR code from within the Discovery app.

You can also submit your claims by post by sending your claims to: Discovery Claims, PO Box 784262, Sandton, 2146

What to remember

  • Submit claims within four months. Older claims will be considered expired and will not be paid.
  • Check the claim to make sure the following details are correct and clear:
    • your name and membership number
    • the name and practice number of the healthcare provider
    • the date on which the service was provided
    • the relevant consultation, procedure codes or Nappi codes and diagnostic (ICD-10) codes
    • the total amount charged for the service
  • Include a receipt if you paid for the claim.
  • Send a detailed claim and not just a receipt as we need the details of what you are claiming for in order to process your claim quickly and correctly.
  • If the healthcare provider sends the claim to us electronically, you don?t need to send us a copy.