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How to change a flat car tyre (step by step)

You like it or not one day your car tyre maybe get flat and mostly is in a form of a puncture and you have to change it. Flat tyre normally happen at the most inconvenient time and place such as in the dark or the rain. If you want to change it yourself, here are 14 step-by-step…

Before you begin with changing your flat car tyre, make sure you have the following tools:

  • A portable jack to lift your car
  • An inflated spare tyre (wheel)
  • A wheel spanner to remove and fix the wheel
  • Always consider safety first – be seen and use the car’s hazard lights or Warning Triangle.
  • Cellphone flash light or torch light (only if is at night)

Step-by-step instructions for changing a flat car tyre

  1. Make sure no one is inside the vehicle.
  2. Apply the handbrake and put the vehicle in park (if automatic) or in gear (if manual).
  3. Block the wheels on the side not being lifted.
  4. Remove the hub cap or wheel cover if fitted. Some vehicles (mostly 4WDs) will have a centre cover – remove this to make the wheel nuts accessible.
  5. Loosen the wheel nuts with the wheel wrench while the vehicle is on the ground. Do not remove them at this point.
  6. If the nuts are too tight to loosen by hand, apply pressure to the wheel wrench with your foot, ensuring that it’s in a horizontal position for your own safety. Here’s another tip – Lefty loosey, righty tighty!
  7. Place the jack underneath the jacking point of your vehicle on firm flat ground and slowly raise the vehicle. Refer to your car manual if you’re unsure of the jacking point location.
  8. Remove the nuts and wheel, pulling the wheel towards you with both hands.
  9. Lift the spare tyre into place. If using a space saver, it’s important to note that this is a temporary tyre and it’s not intended to be driven long distances or at speeds over 80km/h.
  10. Replace all wheel nuts, making sure these go on the right way – taper towards the wheel and tighten snugly.
  11. Lower the vehicle and tighten the wheel nuts using your wheel wrench. Again, you can stand on the wrench handle if needed.
  12. Refit the hubcap, wheel cover or centre cover.
  13. Take the punctured wheel to a tyre shop for repair or replacement.

TIP: When finished, you can also use the plastic sheet that you kneel on to protect your boot from the flat dirty tyre.