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Gigi Lamayne: Biography, Age, Rapper, Real Name, Parents, Profile, Songs, Wiki

Biography of Gigi Lamayne
BIRTH NAME: Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney
STAGE NAME: Gigi Lamayne
DATE OF BIRTH: 7 July 1994
PLACE OF BIRTH: Lenasia, Gauteng
OCCUPATION: Rapper, Songwriter and Poet
PARENTS: Sarah Manney (Mother) and Colin Manney (Father)

Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney whose stage name is Gigi Lamayne, is a South African multi-award winning rapper, songwriter and poet.

Early Life and Background

Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney whose stage name is Gigi Lamayne was born on the 7th July 1994 in Lenasia, Gauteng. She attended school at Dominican Convent School in Johannesburg (2001-2012). Started writing poetry at the age of 11 and narrowed her path into rap at the age of 16. She managed to release her first mixtape titled, El Principio-16. Mentorship from names such as Munya “Lym C” Chanetsa,Mitchan “Pinkaso” Adams, and Clint Allin with assistance from Scratchbeats records.

Gigi Lamayne Parents

Gigi’s father is Colin Manney and mother Sarah Manney.

Gigi Lamayne Qualifications

Gigi Lamayne holds a Degree in Media Studies.


Gigi LaMayne was the first teenage female rapper in South Africa to be signed to a prominent label at the age of 16.She was signed as the first female under Bentey Records also known as the MFE family in 2013 alongside Pro Kid, Red Button and Captain. She later parted ways to pursue a solo career.

Gigi Lamayne Awards


2014: SA Hip Hop Awards – Best Female
2013: SA Hip Hop Awards – Best Female
2013: SA Hip Hop Awards – Best Newcomer
2013: SA Hip Hop Awards – Best Mixtape

• She won the 2014 Jack Daniel’s Music Scouts Competition
• She became a runner up for the National Sprite Uncontainable Festival in 2013, where she was the only female contestant
• She was a finalist at the Shiz Niz Mixtape 2013 competition where again she was the only female
• She was the youngest performer ever at the 2013 Back to The City Festival