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Amanda Mankayi: Biography, Age, Brother, Profile, Songs, Albums, Wiki

BIRTH NAME: Amanda Mankayi
PLACE OF BIRTH: Maclear, Mthatha, Eastern Cape
BROTHER: Nathi Mankayi

Amanda Mankayi is a South African singer best known for her debut album titled Zola Ntliziyo.

Early Life , Background And Childhood

Amanda Mankayi was born at Maclear near Mthatha in Eastern Cape. Her father left the Eastern Cape for Johannesburg in search of a better life for her and her family, but his endeavour for greener pastures would be no journey back home. Her mother worked hard to raise her and 6 siblings, it was an easy journey but it built the woman is she today

After recording and not being able to get her record released in 2012 she nearly gave up on the music front but fortunately in 2015 Nathi moved to Johannesburg to release his album so she followed and went to study music business. She finished her first year in 2015 and then revisited the songs she had worked on in 2012.


Her Album debut titled “Zola Ntliziyo” earned her a nomination in one of the prestigious awards in the country the SATMA awards and she is also nominated for best collaboration for “Intonga Yam” at the South African Afro Music Awards.

Songs from Amanda’s Zola Ntliziyo’s album

  • Intonga Yam (feat. Nathi)
  • Zola Ntliziyo
  • Nozoziwedwa
  • Indonga
  • Singamasoja
  • Intsimbi zaseGoli
  • Vuma Amanda
  • Intomb’enomvandedwa
  • Ixesha Amanda
  • Sundikhalela